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Our High-Touch Engagement Delivers Results

We understand how social media fits into a broader set of business initiatives, and align that to brand messaging and voice through a customized mix of art and science to deliver results beyond vanity metrics like follower growth.

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s all about what we call the three E’s – Engage, Educate, Entertain.


We build social media programs and content that engages your key target audiences in forums where they are most active – constantly, relentlessly, but with the overarching goal of providing insight that they need to make critical business decisions. Repetition and consistency of messaging are key, but so is the value of the rich content.


We help you educate your target audiences and be seen as trusted thought leaders, not as just another run-of-the-mill participant in the market. In delivering a voice of industry leadership, the social media marketing initiatives we roll out on behalf of our clients position them as smarter, more engaged players in the market.


The ability to entertain cannot be overlooked when it comes to social media marketing. After all, if the headline or first sentence of a social media post doesn’t compel you to keep on reading, nothing else you have to say will matter. People – including decision-makers – want a little entertainment and personal relevancy. People trust people more than they trust brands, so bringing some personality to the table goes a long way.

Our Services Run Broad and Deep

We offer clients a full range of social media services.

Social Media Audit

A comprehensive assessment is a great way to start a new social media program or take an existing one to the next level of success. Our detailed audits provide the right data and insights for strategic program development.

Strategic Counsel

As an integral part of your marketing team, we provide the deep experience necessary to develop the overarching strategy and plan of action required for your marketing and brand building success.

Management and Content Creation

Successfully executing an integrated social media strategy takes hands-on expertise and dedicated day-to-day service. We handle every aspect of a fully integrated program, from directly managing social media platforms and profiles to rolling out campaigns. We are skilled at developing social media content that resonates with audiences.

Social Media Listening

Having a real-time perspective of how your customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders engage with your brand (or not…) on social media is essential to a responsive social media program. It’s also an incredibly valuable way to keep an eye on your competitors and top prospects. We’ll do the listening for you and deliver valuable insight and recommendations.

Paid Social Media

From Twitter polls to custom-built LinkedIn campaigns that reach a specific set of buyers and potential partners, paid social media campaigns can give the needed boost to your programs at a “lower than you think” cost.

Measurement and Reporting

What’s driving visits to your website? What content is resonating? What’s not? Answers to these questions shape the effectiveness of an integrated program. We ask and answer them, incorporating our findings into a constantly evolving and improving strategy.

Employee Engagement

One of the most often overlooked areas when developing and rolling out a successful social media marketing campaign is the involvement of employees. Employees are your best brand ambassadors -- let's face it, people trust people. Social media posts by employees receive a lot of engagement and help drive the success of a program.

Executive Thought Leadership

Employees, customers, partners, investors and more -- they want to hear from the executive team. Executive engagement on social media allows a brand to own the conversation around topics of importance. Social media is an accessible channel to build and maintain relationships, show how a company solves problems and communicate executive and company vision. We've worked with many executive teams to ceate a blueprint that defines their voice, target audience, topics to engage with and success metrics.

Workshops and Training

Educating and enlisting your team in industry best practices and processes is critical to a successful program. We offer sessions like “Getting Started with Social Media”, “Social Media for Sales and Lead Generation” and “Engaging the C-Suite”. We can also build a customized workshop based on your needs.

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